Shop Local.

Support Community.

Shop local. Support Community.

Shopping locally helps support your community, your neighbors and friends.

Empty doors lead to empty stores. Communities thrive when local business and services grow and prosper. When you support local business and services providers, you support your neighbors and friends. 

Whether you're shopping for goods or services, shopping local pays back in countless ways. Communities grow when local business grows.

Community events

are supported by local stores and service providers. Help keep them going.

Open Doors and Open Stores

attract tourists. Tourism is an important component in helping any community economy stay strong and healthy.

A Municipalities Financial Health

depends on the strength of local business and service providers. Closed shops do not inject critically needed tax dollars and those missing dollars are often made up by raising residential rates or cutting back on needed services.

Why join helps bring needed attention to your local business or service.

Now, more than ever, it's important to keep local business open and local service providers healthy. The tax inputs from local business and service providers support your community, your neighbors and friends.

Joining is Free!

Our goal is to help bring attention to your local business or service. If you want to be added to the directory for your community, simply fill out the “Add Community or Business” form and we will take it from there. 

Searching is easy. Choose “Search Localbuz”, choose your community, search within the search bar by name, category of business or service or even telephone number.

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